Administration and Rules

Executive Committee

For the 2016-2017 season
  • Bruce Gillman (Vassar College)
  • Jarek Koniusz (MIT)
  • Taro Yamashita (UMass)

Individual Competitor Eligibility 

Open to full-time undergraduate students of NEIFC member schools in good standing. 

Students have four (4) years of eligibility for NEIFC events which must be completed within five (5) years of first enrolling in college.

Teams may submit written appeals to have individuals considered "eligible to compete" if their circumstances fall outside the stated requirements. All appeals must be submitted in a timely manner to the NEIFC executive committee, whose rulings on the appeals shall be final.

Competitor Equipment Requirements 

The following exceptions to USFA rules will be followed by the NEIFC:

  • Names on uniforms are not required. (Rules t.45, t.120, m.25 of USFA rules)
  • Any confiscated weapons or equipment may be returned to a competitor's teammates/coach for immediate repair (rather than being held to the end of the bout). (Rule t.45 of USFA rules.)

Team Equipment Expectations

Teams attending any NEIFC competition are expected to bring the following scoring equipment. Each GENDER team should bring one set (so a dual-gender team should be prepared to bring TWO sets of the following.) Furthermore, it is expected that all of the equipment is in working order when it arrives.
  • 3-Weapon scoring machine (with T2016 timings for foil and sabre). Score/time machines are preferred.
  • 2 reels, 2 floor cords
  • 1 long (50 feet or longer) extension cord and 1 outlet splitter or power strip
  • 1 timer/stopwatch (if not built in to your machine)
  • 1 set of epee shims
  • 1 foil weight AND 1 epee weight (or a single combination weight)