Information for Officials

Arrival, Meeting Attendance, and Departure

Officials are expected to arrive in time to attend the pre-competition meetings. Every NEIFC event has a referee meeting scheduled. The meetings start approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of fencing for the day, and run about 15-20 minutes.

Failure to arrive in time for meetings may result in reduced pay or other actions by the NEIFC.

Referees may depart once they have been released by the head referee for the day.

Dress Code

Referees: Please dress according to the USFA referee dress code (see page 5), or as close to it as possible:

For men: A suit, or shirt & tie, gray slacks, dark blazer/sport coat.

For women: A suit, or blouse, gray skirt or slacks, dark blazer/sport coat.

Footwear: please wear comfortable shoes. Please avoid heels that have any potential for "denting" roll-up metal strips.

Your attire should convey professionalism, and should allow the focus to be on the athletes, not on fashion.

Bout Committee and other officials: please dress professionally as appropriate for your position(s).

Referee Compensation

Referees will be paid according to the schedule below. You will be paid according to your highest rating, regardless of which weapon you are assigned to referee.

USFA Referee Referee RatingPay
No Rating$125.00

For the NEIFC Championships only, referees who are assigned to do two different team rounds (e.g. women's epee and men's sabre), will be paid an additional $50.00 in addition to the base pay, described above.

Lodging and Travel Reimbursement Information.