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Schedule of Events

Check-in Closing Times

Events will begin as soon after close of check-in as possible.

*** This schedule of events is subject to change. ***
 Men's Foil: 11:45 AM Men's Epee: 8:30 AMMen's Sabre: 1:00 PM 
 Women's Foil: 8:30 AM Women's Epee: 10:30 AMWomen's Sabre: 8:30 AM 

Tournament Format

Each event will have pools with the top 80% or 64 competitors (whichever is greater) promoted to a direct elimination table with no repechage.

There are no coaching timeouts permitted during five-touch pool bouts. Coaching is permitted during the one-minute breaks in a 15-touch direct elimination bout, as per USFA rules.