NEIFC Championships

2023 Championships: February 25th, 2023 at Wellesley College

This tournament consists of two parts: team and individual championships. The team championships are round-robin, and are used to determine squad and team champions. Individuals who perform well in the team championships qualify for a chance to become individual weapon champions in the individual championships

In addition to top teams, squads, and individuals, we recognize:

* Silvio Vitale was the long-time head coach at MIT. Short entry at the American Museum of Fencing.


Registration for the Championships typically opens in early January and closes twenty (20) days prior to the event. To request registration materials, please email

Schedule of Events

Listed event start times are estimates only. Check back close to the event date for more accurate information. The official start times will be announced during the competition. 


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Tournament Format


* At this time, the NEIFC has not made any official rulings regarding fencers who do not identify with the either of the customary binary genders. If this issue is pertinent to your team, please contact us ( to begin the necessary conversations. 

Team Championship 

The team competition consists of one round-robin pool. Every team will fence every other team during this pool. Due to the large number of anticipated entries, we will rotate by weapon squads, not by full 3-weapon teams. The descriptions below are for all squads.

Each contest between two squads will consist of three bouts per weapon. The order of bouts will be C, B, A. The winner of the final bout will be responsible for bringing the official score sheet to the scoring/bout committee table. At the conclusion of the round of three bouts, the squad will move to the next contest.

No squad is expected to start fencing a round if they are still actively fencing the previous round. That is, squads will stay together, and the tournament will accommodate that.

Team Entry Requirements

Any NEIFC institution may enter at most one women's team and one men's team. Each gender team MUST have at least two fencers in each weapon, and must field all three weapons. No individual fencer may compete in two weapons at this event. Teams not meeting this requirement will not be permitted to fence. 

Rosters may include up to 9 total alternates (in addition to 3 starters) per gender team (any weapon).


Substitutions may be made at any point during the team competition. Once a fencer is substituted into a slot (A/B/C), they may not fence in any other slot or weapon. A fence who is replaced by a substitution may return to fence only in that slot in a subsequent round.

Under no circumstances may any single fencer compete in more than one slot (A/B/C) OR weapon.

Any fencer who has been substituted in or out of any slot is ineligible to compete in the individual competition.

Incomplete Teams/Withdrawals/Exclusions

Any incomplete teams must fill the A slot first, then B, then C. Empty slots are considered to be forfeits.

If any fencer receives a black card, then that slot is considered to be forfeited for that team for the entire competition. No substitute may be entered into that slot. Prior results by that fencer are nullified.

If a fencer must withdraw due to injury, and there is no substitute to replace him/her, then that slot is considered to be forfeited for that team for the entire competition. Prior results by that fencer are nullified. If there is a substitute available, then the substitute may be put in the injured fencer's place for the remainder of the bout (the substitute is given credit for the bout, and the bout resumes with the status of the bout as it was when the original fencer was injured). The substitute in this case is not eligible for the individual rounds of the tournament.

Forfeits by one team are not considered victories by the opposing team. They are effectively bouts that never happened.

Results and Tie Breakers -- Team Rounds

Team results will be determined by the total number of victories accumulated by all fencers in all squads over the course of the team rounds.

In the event of a tie for first place on team victories, there will be a fence-off between the A-strip fencers in all weapons from both teams conducted simultaneously on three strips. Whichever team secures a majority of victories in this fence-off will be considered the victor.

Ties for places other than first place based on victories will be broken using indicators first (greater number prevails), and then touches scored (greater number prevails), if necessary. If teams are tied on victories, indicators, and touches, scored, a dead tie will be declared.

Individual Championships 

Twelve fencers per weapon will advance to the individual competition: 6 from the A strip, 4 from the B strip, and 2 from the C strip. Indicators, then touches scored, then the result from the team round bout will be used to break ties in the number of victories between two fencers.

Two pools of six fencers advancing to the individual semifinals will be seeded as follows:

Pool 1: 1A, 4A, 5A, 2B, 3B, 2C

Pool 2: 2A, 3A, 6A, 1B, 4B, 1C

The composition of the pools will be rearranged only if three teammates end up in the same pool. The top eight (8) fencers from the field of 12 will advance to the final direct elimination tableau. The DE bouts will follow the USFA standards for 15-touch bouts.


Substitutions may not be made in the individual championships portion of the tournament.

Any fencer who has been substituted in or out of any slot during the team round portion of the competition is ineligible to compete in the individual competition.


If a fencer who qualifies for the individual competition must withdraw at the conclusion of the team competition, then the next eligible fencer from that same slot (A/B/C) will advance to the individual competition.

For fencers withdrawing or being excluded once the individual championships portion has begun, current USFA rules for handling withdrawals and exceptions will be used.

Results and Tie Breakers -- Individual Rounds

There will be no fence-off for third and fourth places in the individual rounds. Both fencers who are defeated in the semi-final bouts will be awarded third place (tie) medals.


The venue for the 2023 NEIFC Championships will be Wellesley College